August 10, 2014 / 4 ♥

First photo: May 21, 2014

Second photo: August 9, 2014

Today, August 10, is our baby girl’s 5th month. Star’s growing up so fast aaaah

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August 09, 2014 / 5 ♥

First three days of uni life (August 6-8, 2014)

  • First day was spent at UP Diliman. It was quite ironic but I know UP Manila can’t accommodate that much students. No biggie.
  • The USC Chairperson rallied against the STS at the latter part of his speech. I didn’t get it why a lot laughed. The dude’s making a solid point.
  • Everything during the first day was overwhelming. I felt reborn after the event. All my nervousness somehow turned to excitement and pride.
  • I had lunch with my high school friends. I feel at home the most when I’m with them.
  • Second day was the first day at UPM. The traffic on the way to and from school was terribly crazy!
  • We had two free-cut classes. Only two profs met us. So much free time = so much rob time.
  • Third day I commuted alone (for the first time!!). LRT deserves an award for being such a pro at making people suffer. How can people survive riding that train every single day?!
  • The profs I met so far were cool. Luckily I haven’t met any grumpy prof yet. Thank God!!!
  • I’ve been feeling like a college loner (:’c) I just shadow my friends wherever they go. No one hears me when I speak. I don’t know if my voice is just too soft or they just don’t bother.
  • After last period, I had to wait for my father for two hours alone.
  • College of Nursing’s Library is my second home now. I’m solving that 4-piece puzzle for hours, attempting to make different shapes while bleeding my brain juices out.
  • Truth be told, I’m really having a struggling time to adjust. I miss high school. So much.
  • Uni life is such a world of walking and shortened words. Besides that every student has their own little wondrous world.
  • It has been hard. However, it’s only just the start.

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Summer Highlights

August 05, 2014 / 2 ♥


I completely forgot that it’s my last day of vacation today. Recently I was freaking out, but now I guess I finally accepted that I can’t do anything with the orientation tomorrow that my mind stopped functioning. I felt like I was on another planet the whole day. Maybe because I slept late last night and woke up early, and/or my nervousness has reached its peak.

Bottomline is today was boring, hence here I am blogging about the days during my summer break that aren’t.

This summer I launched my very own facebook page (!!!) I was reluctant at first, but after a while I gave in and started posting my photos there. It currently has 468 likes and I appreciate every single one of them. Click here if you haven’t visited it yet!

I had only been to a pool one time for the whole four months. Our family traditionally goes out on a resort or hotel for a day during the Holy Week. I bonded a lot with my cousins and it was super fun.

Some time during April, I had to let go of a friend. I loved him dearly, but I guess our friendship finally had its toll. It was not, in any level, easy. It took me a long while to keep my thoughts away from the heartaches. The scar that it left in my heart will no longer be erased. But no matter how emotional the story goes, it had become a part of my growth. I found out how it’s better to float with the waves than to stand still and let it smash directly at you. I went on with the flow and apparently it stopped me from drowning.

I also shot my cousin for her sweet sixteenth. I covered the surprise event as well and made an AVP as my own personal gift. Go watch it here if you like.

A few days after the event, my mom brought home a puppy. This was definitely one of the BEST moments of my life. I’ve always wanted to have a pet. I once had a kitten. Unfortunately I was allergic to his fur and my doctor restricted me to get anywhere near him. Anyway, Star’s here with us now, and I love her with all my life.

Another amazing thing about my summer is that I got to watch three basketball games live. ‘Nuff said. (Here's a related post.)

As I have mentioned earlier, I’ve lost a dear friend. But I also gained one through the magical world that is the internet.

And I had my hair treated and re-colored. Love it. (Elaborated post links here)

Last thing I want to add to the list is I got affiliated to a legit Tshirt selling group. I design the shirts, and we’re going to start marketing soon. (I’m so exciteeed!)

Wish me luck tomorrow guys! I’m nervous.

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Moving on: The Kintsugi Way

August 02, 2014

Teenage years is full of pseudo relationships, relationships and the blockbuster heartbreaks.

I’m not an advice guru or anything close to that, but being a listener of sorts made me realize that adulthood has worse things to offer. There are negative happenings in life that are inevitable. And it gets harder as you age.

So here’s what: if you’re at the crossroads of moving on with the future and holding on with the past, keep somewhere at the back of your mind that your situation is just a way of honing your decision-making.

Regardless of the situation, I know one thing for sure: time heals. You don’t need to remain emotionally hurt forever.

It may not help if I say that there are worse heartaches you’ll eventually have to deal with in the future, but I hope it gives you an idea to make the most out of your time before you meet the satanic maturity.

Think of your broken heart as a broken flower vase to be repaired with the Kintsugi method. You’ll be better once you’re fixed.

Question from Anonymous

August 01, 2014

hello I just read your about page. just wana ask, where did you study for your elementary?

Oh hi! Cool someone had read it. Thanks!

I studied at Rosary Hills International School from pre-school to elementary. Are you from there?

Question from Anonymous

July 29, 2014 / 1 ♥

What courses did you pick? And what are you going to take?

My course & campus choices are as follows:

  • UP Manila
  1. BS Biology
  2. BS Public Health
  • UP Diliman
    1. BS Biology
    2. BA Psychology

    Aaand I’m going to take BS Nursing at UPM in just a number of days.

    My UPCAT Story

    July 29, 2014 / 11 ♥


    I remember myself being so anxious a year ago as my assigned date to take the UPCAT draws nearer. On contrary to popular belief, being a science high school student and attending a review center for a month does not make it any easier to pass the said test. However, it did help me to handle it strategically.

    One of the tips that was repeatedly emphasized by my teachers at the review center is to choose a course and campus that’s not going to be most likely chosen by other students. By doing so, it increases the chance of getting in to the university. Be that as it may, I still chose sought-after courses and campuses. It’s definitely a risky thing to do, but I know myself. I cannot stand a year being trapped in a course that I don’t like to be in. (Or maybe, I’m just stubborn.)

    Oh, and I found out about the IntarMed just right after the deadline for the UPCAT form application. It pissed me off bigtime.


    I took the exam on the second day. The people who had it on the first kept on telling how the time given wasn’t enough and the science part was a pain in the ass. Another warning which was given to me by my cousin is that the traffic was crazy. She went to the university hours before her sched but still arrived late.

    I was also worried that I might get lost on the way. Going to UP is easy, but getting to your testing site brings challenge. That is why I thank God for twitter. Just one tweet and I got tons of replies. Until now I still am very grateful for the people who gave me tips and directions.


    Being the punctual freak that I am, I arrived 3 hours before schedule. Hence, me and my sister toured around the place for a little while (which explains the photos you’re seeing right now). UP Diliman, the main campus, is beautiful. The air is great, the surroundings are great, the vibe is great. No wonder why a lot of kids, me included, wished to gather all the luck we can get to make it in.


    Another crucial thing is what to wear. A lot of people told me to put on something light and comfortable because most buildings in UP Diliman aren’t air conditioned. However it was freezing cold at SOLAIR where I spent 5-6 hours in. I really wished I could have brought a jacket with me. The challenge of thinking while shivering is one of the experiences I will not do again. Ever.


    Now, to the exam itself. Probably only 5% (or maybe less) of what I reviewed showed up. And take note, I spent most of my summer last year just reviewing. For me, the time given was just right as long as you keep on answering continuously. No long breaks or whatsoever. It also helped that the proctors are writing the time left on the whiteboard. Yes the countdown was damn pressuring, but it keeps you aware on how longer you’re going to squeeze your brain for smart juices.


    I’m not gonna lie, most of my answers are just guesses. I am not a genius, a nerd or a topnotch pupil. I consider myself just an average student. Based on what I recall, as it is known for—the exam was hard. Super hard. But I didn’t let it intimidate me. And I think that’s one of the most important keys.


    If I’m going to give someone a tip, it would definitely be mindset. It is important that they keep reminded of their goals (not by others, but by themselves). They can make deals and promises which can either result for rewards or punishment. I usually go extreme on me, but I’m not saying that that will always do good.


    Amusingly, my UPCAT schedule last year is the same date as the Welcome Ceremony for UP Manila’s First Year Students this year. And just to let you know, I’m going to take a course that’s not in any of my four choices. But I got in to the campus that I like and as obvious as it is, I have grabbed the opportunity.

    The University of the Philippines College Admission Test 2013 was deadly as it has always been, and if you look in to the statistics, you’d know that you really have to pass through a needle hole just to make it to the passer’s list. If you’re currently a senior and going to take the test soon, let this post not frighten you. You’ll do just fine. I’m sure.


    P.S. Do not believe anyone who tells you you’re not gonna pass or graduate if you take a picture with The Oblation. It’s just like any other myth who’s trying to scare you. Good luck!

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    July 25, 2014 / 4 ♥

    Before and After

    Just when you thought that your life is going just the way you like it, there will always be ‘that happening’ that will ruin everything. But come to think of it, downfalls are necessary. It may ruin your smooth sailing, but it will make you a better sailor.

    As for me, I’m still teaching myself to deal with my emotions with control. I used to drown myself with my own feelings—letting it get through my brain that suddenly I’m someone I will eventually regret. I may still have my own hands around my neck, but now I know when to let go and breathe.

    Important thing is no matter how worse what we’re going through has become, it willsubside. It has to. However, we all know that the cycle doesn’t end there.

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    July 23, 2014 / 2 ♥

    2nd video of me and my bebe Star! Nothing much to see here, just wanna wish you all a good night :)

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