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September 28, 2014

Hi ate. I've read your blog about basketball and it was great! I have no words to say, you are incredibly awesome! Basketball fan here :D

Thank you deary! Amagash who are you talk to me we can be besties :D

September 22, 2014 / 2 ♥

Oh you know, these are just four different photos of me spamming up your quiet evening. Haha!

Random fact: Friends of mine who own phones with front cams must have at least a dozen of greighfies in their galleries.

I’m vain like that.

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Just imagine.

One day,
Your Senpai will get married.
They will not have cared about your love for them and will only focus on that beautiful girl or boy they gave that ring to.
Your Senpai will have hot, burning sex with his or her lover.
Your Senpai will make babies and have a family with…



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September 20, 2014 / 1 ♥

I’ve been spending quite some time alone. And my soul is weeping for too much stress which I don’t really know where they’re from. All I know is that I’m drained, weary, and lost.

I’m trying, though. I try every waking day to keep myself together and face whatever shit the world has in store for me. I try to live, and be alive.

But more than anything, I’ve missed taking photos.

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Pew pew pew!

September 08, 2014 / 7 ♥

Hello! I feel awfully bad for not updating my blog for quite a while. But here I am! Still alive (but barely breathing.. hehe)

Soap, this post is all about me utilizing a notorious fatal weapon. *ooOooOhh*

As you may not know, I have two Nerf guns. I just got them both last year as gifts. It may sound misfitting because of my age, but, I LOVE THEM.


During the first few weeks after I got these two, I use them almost everyday (together with my fantasies of being some super pretty chick that knows martial arts and shoots with guns). Because of SAO 2, Equilibrium, and Ryan Higa’s “Shooting with Real Guns” video on HigaTV, aaaah I’ve always wanted to hold in my hand those beautiful L-shaped babies and look so confidently badass.

Until this Wednesday, August 27, I have finally made a successful transition from shooting with Nerf guns, to a legit Caliber 45.

I was on my way home early from uni. It was a really hot afternoon and I’m not in a good mood. I’m just two rides away from home when my mom called. She told me to get off the jeepney at a certain place so we could meet up along with another person. And so I did.

And guess what. We went to a firing raaaaange! It was one of the coolest surprises ever. I didn’t expect any of this to happen.

Let me take you there too through photos and captions. Shall we?



So, this is where we went.


The person teaching me was Kuya Tino. He’s very nice and he was friendly too. He was patient with me and he understood my thrills. He even trusted me with his life when he took the photo below!! (Please note that the gun that time was loaded and my finger is on the trigger—all for the sake of a ‘realistic’ photo)




I did I fairly good job during my first few round of shots. Ironically I was better when I was nervous. When I started to let go of the fear, I tend to miss my targets. According to Kuya Tino, this was because I was starting to anticipate.




My arms were filled with so much gun powder afterwards. It was itchy but I consider them as a sign of success. Haha!

Remember how I was in a bad mood earlier? Well gun firing took it all away. No wonder there are people who do this for recreation. I felt so reborn!


And that’s about it! It’s really a cool experience. One day I hope I’d be able to do it again. I wrote some sort of bucketlist which includes everything crazy I want to do before I die after this happened. And I’ll do what I can to make them all come true.


Sorry for not being able to update my blog that much. College had begun. Please bear with me. wah

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August 10, 2014 / 4 ♥

First photo: May 21, 2014

Second photo: August 9, 2014

Today, August 10, is our baby girl’s 5th month. Star’s growing up so fast aaaah

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August 09, 2014 / 5 ♥

First three days of uni life (August 6-8, 2014)

  • First day was spent at UP Diliman. It was quite ironic but I know UP Manila can’t accommodate that much students. No biggie.
  • The USC Chairperson rallied against the STS at the latter part of his speech. I didn’t get it why a lot laughed. The dude’s making a solid point.
  • Everything during the first day was overwhelming. I felt reborn after the event. All my nervousness somehow turned to excitement and pride.
  • I had lunch with my high school friends. I feel at home the most when I’m with them.
  • Second day was the first day at UPM. The traffic on the way to and from school was terribly crazy!
  • We had two free-cut classes. Only two profs met us. So much free time = so much rob time.
  • Third day I commuted alone (for the first time!!). LRT deserves an award for being such a pro at making people suffer. How can people survive riding that train every single day?!
  • The profs I met so far were cool. Luckily I haven’t met any grumpy prof yet. Thank God!!!
  • I’ve been feeling like a college loner (:’c) I just shadow my friends wherever they go. No one hears me when I speak. I don’t know if my voice is just too soft or they just don’t bother.
  • After last period, I had to wait for my father for two hours alone.
  • College of Nursing’s Library is my second home now. I’m solving that 4-piece puzzle for hours, attempting to make different shapes while bleeding my brain juices out.
  • Truth be told, I’m really having a struggling time to adjust. I miss high school. So much.
  • Uni life is such a world of walking and shortened words. Besides that every student has their own little wondrous world.
  • It has been hard. However, it’s only just the start.

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Summer Highlights

August 05, 2014 / 3 ♥


I completely forgot that it’s my last day of vacation today. Recently I was freaking out, but now I guess I finally accepted that I can’t do anything with the orientation tomorrow that my mind stopped functioning. I felt like I was on another planet the whole day. Maybe because I slept late last night and woke up early, and/or my nervousness has reached its peak.

Bottomline is today was boring, hence here I am blogging about the days during my summer break that aren’t.

This summer I launched my very own facebook page (!!!) I was reluctant at first, but after a while I gave in and started posting my photos there. It currently has 468 likes and I appreciate every single one of them. Click here if you haven’t visited it yet!

I had only been to a pool one time for the whole four months. Our family traditionally goes out on a resort or hotel for a day during the Holy Week. I bonded a lot with my cousins and it was super fun.

Some time during April, I had to let go of a friend. I loved him dearly, but I guess our friendship finally had its toll. It was not, in any level, easy. It took me a long while to keep my thoughts away from the heartaches. The scar that it left in my heart will no longer be erased. But no matter how emotional the story goes, it had become a part of my growth. I found out how it’s better to float with the waves than to stand still and let it smash directly at you. I went on with the flow and apparently it stopped me from drowning.

I also shot my cousin for her sweet sixteenth. I covered the surprise event as well and made an AVP as my own personal gift. Go watch it here if you like.

A few days after the event, my mom brought home a puppy. This was definitely one of the BEST moments of my life. I’ve always wanted to have a pet. I once had a kitten. Unfortunately I was allergic to his fur and my doctor restricted me to get anywhere near him. Anyway, Star’s here with us now, and I love her with all my life.

Another amazing thing about my summer is that I got to watch three basketball games live. ‘Nuff said. (Here's a related post.)

As I have mentioned earlier, I’ve lost a dear friend. But I also gained one through the magical world that is the internet.

And I had my hair treated and re-colored. Love it. (Elaborated post links here)

Last thing I want to add to the list is I got affiliated to a legit Tshirt selling group. I design the shirts, and we’re going to start marketing soon. (I’m so exciteeed!)

Wish me luck tomorrow guys! I’m nervous.

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Moving on: The Kintsugi Way

August 02, 2014

Teenage years is full of pseudo relationships, relationships and the blockbuster heartbreaks.

I’m not an advice guru or anything close to that, but being a listener of sorts made me realize that adulthood has worse things to offer. There are negative happenings in life that are inevitable. And it gets harder as you age.

So here’s what: if you’re at the crossroads of moving on with the future and holding on with the past, keep somewhere at the back of your mind that your situation is just a way of honing your decision-making.

Regardless of the situation, I know one thing for sure: time heals. You don’t need to remain emotionally hurt forever.

It may not help if I say that there are worse heartaches you’ll eventually have to deal with in the future, but I hope it gives you an idea to make the most out of your time before you meet the satanic maturity.

Think of your broken heart as a broken flower vase to be repaired with the Kintsugi method. You’ll be better once you’re fixed.

Question from Anonymous

August 01, 2014

hello I just read your about page. just wana ask, where did you study for your elementary?

Oh hi! Cool someone had read it. Thanks!

I studied at Rosary Hills International School from pre-school to elementary. Are you from there?

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